I woke up this morning and immediately felt despair..I dared not look at the news of the day for I knew that my despair would deepen.

I think I am losing faith in human nature again..Oh I go up and down on this …but today is a bad one.

The whole marriage equality thing is getting to me. So many people appear to me to have no soul. No love in their hearts for other needy feeling human beings.  Other people, who may be not like these people, but have the right to live and love. Are these people so revulsed and revolted that they must strike out at others? 

When the Colorado REPUBLICAN MAJORITY votes down even civil unions let alone gay marriage …are they saying: “TAKE THAT YOU F*CKING FAGS? ”

When a Trayvon hoodie target is selling like hot cakes for $16 on the internet is that saying” I’D LOVE TO SHOOT YOUR ASS  N*!@#!!%?”

I can’t seem to recognise the country I’m living in right now..

I go to dinner and I look around and I wonder if the nice looking family sitting in the next booth share the bigotry and the hate that permeates the already polluted air we breath.  Do they not think deeply about the terrible damage that will be inflicted upon them if they let the Paul Ryan and Grover Norquist into their lives ..

Do they share the feelings that the “white Christian race” needs to continue to subjugate all the other races and creeds for their own protections..Do they read the Bible and believe the hateful things it tells them to do?

This is despair day..perhaps tomorrow will bring less despair and more hope as I read the good stuff that JESUS tells us to do..like “Love thy neighbor”…

Jesus was a good man….a carpenter …a salt of the earth guy ..a kind of a Bernie Saunders with a robe and a donkey, a loaf and a fish..He did not however die for our sins ..he died because Roman corporate greed didn’t like his philosophy of faith in the human spirit and not in the power of the military industrial complex .

God cannot help us..only we can  help us!!


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