Obviously the people, who live in Arizona have taken the National Socialist pill.  

Governor Jan Brewer …the wicked witch of the South West..and her Fascist lock step REPUBLICAN LAWMAKERS are damaging the very fibres of freedom in their state.

…And horror upon horror the folks from there seem to be right behind her wrinkled up old butt! 

Sorry if this sounds sexist but have you got a load of this insane old bat?

Out of control laws like single women being interviewed for jobs will have to answer questions about use of contraception…Huh?  “Sorry you don’t get this job  because you’re a slut!”

This is the state that allows the police to stop anyone who looks a trifle illegally swarthy and ask them to “show me your papers”.. This sounds right out of a WW2 Gestapo on a train going to Lisbon.

Just today the Nasty Nazi’s under the “chronic crone” made  it easier for crooked companies holding people’s credit card debt to prosecute the people in debt… No questions asked and with minimal      paper work.

Jan Brewer is a stupid idiot in the control of the ARIZONA RIGHT WING extremists..if you’ve ever heard her debate you can get that message loud and clear. She obeys instructions ..she is a puppet on the strings of what now passes as a political party but is really a dictatorship in which the people of Arizona are complicit,

It is this kind of insanity that makes one wonder just what is coming down  in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans as they seem to be collectively going back to a 1933 Germanic mentality.

And some say they’re detecting a small mustache growing on Jan’s upper lip!


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