Sweet, kind talented …and with a twinkle… Donna Summer brought a hot a steamy thumping sexy electronic motion to music and it was never the same.

Her style and the beat she became famous for had such an impact in the 70’s that still resounds today in House Music…endless rthymic repeaters that anyone can dance to. Lyrics that became part of the beat..part of the “dance equation”.

“Last Dance” rolled out of  the speakers  causing us to get lost in a fog of  sensual togetherness a dance floor full of undulating bodies…we didn’t want it to stop and with Donna it didn’t was relentless.

She was a “musical instrument” of her time.

She glittered , she was glamorous and yet strangely pure amongst the debauchery of the coked out club life of those wide labelled bell bottomed times.

I loved you Donna Summer..your music.. your style…your faith ..and mostly just you during the brief times we met and worked together.


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