Reading the Drudge Report every day which I do while holding my nose and being close to a toilet… it becomes more and more obvious what a right wing racist lackey he is.

All the news items concerning people of color are so tipped towards the white race.he must be wearing a dirty white sheet with eye holes in it while composing this one-sided garbage.

He knows his market and he panders to it like Scott Walker sucks up to the Koch Brothers.

He kisses extremist ass with various headlines that blame it all on the black. Just go there and check it out.

The Drudge/Fox/ Radio Talk/ hate fest has turned this once fairly open minded country into a really nasty place for certain segments of our population. The selective reporting of Matt Drudge is NOT journalism but a hate crime in the making.

I’ve put a call into Mike Tyson who I will ask to go over to Matt’s one bedroom walk up apartment and have a few choice words with him…I will tell Mike no biting…but who knows if he’ll listen..

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