Did John McCain’s choice for Vice President elect Barack Obama.?

It appears by the current polls this is might be entirely possible.. That a mediocre gaff prone multi millionaire , so obviously out of touch with the main stream thinking of America , is tying the brilliant intelligent “main stream” in touch PRESIDENT is a very scary and telling proposition.

It appears that Obama’s biggest negative is not the economy which is improving, not foreign policy which he has a handle on , but that he’s a black man in a white man’s millionaire’s play ground and  they just want his black ass outta there so they can go back to the Bush kindergarten “con-conomy” of soaking the country dry.

Dan Rather said it all this week on Bill Maher’s show in so many words..we have been defeated by most of the money falling into the hands of  very few very rich and powerful men. We have collective amnesia…we forget what was said 30 seconds ago .. and the media helps us do this….

Do we not recall Romney’s stupidity during the debates?  His extremist right wing tilt …his Russia baiting…his lies…his wife’s Marie Antoinette impressions… Have we forgotten his wanting to return to the Bush years of economics?

Are we the biggest bunch of dupes on the planet since Hitler blamed the Jews  for everything? 

We are slipping into Fascism and it appears to be unstoppable.

The REPUBLICAN money being  spent to keep the WHITE COLLAR criminal Scott Walker in office in Wisconsin is proof that FASCISM  is alive and well in the minds of the GOP and their followers. They do not want bipartisanship they want to rule…

They want what they want …they want a sham government …a tacit dictatorship …South America is becoming  us  and we’re becoming South America


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