Let’s get right to the point here…Congress is being run by nasty old men in the pocket of other nastier old men richer than them who want the economy to tank so they can install another formless idiot as their puppet President

This heartless rich guy and his white-collar cribs will then take us all back to the Bush days of constant war on everything but nasty old men.

Sound feasible?…this is what’s happening folks!!

Mitch McConnell ,a man whose blood is so thin you can see right through it, said that Obama should “grow up” on some Sunday Fascist loving talk show this weekend. 

If growing up means becoming a nasty old man like Mitch ..let’s hope the PRESIDENT, who rescued the car industry and killed Bin Laden while taking  most of our troops out of Iraq before they were killed too,never ever grows up especially to be like a mean assed cynical Zombie weasel like Mitch.

Mitch and his overly tanned piss boy Boehner are at it again trying to drag down the economy in time for Mitt to sweep into power on the back of the bogus impartial  SUPREME COURT and the equally odious GOV governor’s voter repression shit!

Mitt of course is that all-powerful robot-man with a glass jaw! 

So we do have a choice come November a man with the resolve of the Cowardly Lion or the black guy who may not be perfect ….but he’s battle hardened and at least came up the hard way and not with a silver tabernacle up his ass and with a wife who has never touched a dish washer dial in her life but knows her way around Arabian horse copulation.

Being rude and one-sided is a great thing when you have your own blog..or if you’re Rush Limbaugh and you have your own racist, homophobic ,misogynist radio show that’s shedding women listeners like Europe is shedding the Right Wing…

Thank you for reading this…and if you haven’t then WTF? 


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