Trying to make sense of any man or woman willing to still be in the business of trying to make Mitt Romney a President is beyond the comprehension of many of us. But there it is:

Certain Medias report polls showing he’s in the hunt”…but with whom?…

Idiots that’s who!

And then there’s his ex-RUNNING MATE Paul Ryan’s idea of RUNNING the country ..That hasn’t changed either. When looking at a Paul Ryan budget today if somebody was to agree with it it would mean they want to see old people with no health care benefits dropping like AARP flies,public schools become ghost towns,unions abolished and any dissent dealt with by the “new police order” of frontal assault with ex-military surplus tanks and rocket launchers while massive waves of duped white slave labor working for less than the minimum wage worship at the feet of the God of TAX-LESS Koch Brothers corporate power.

Okay here’s a theory..let’s get the “dying white supremacy corporate thing” over with..Don’t vote and let’s see what the GOP controlled Houses will do for America with two years left in the dreaded hate filled Obama’s obstruction watch.
The Republican party of today has nothing in the way of a policy of any description other that tear everything down and wait to see what happens.

Are people are still thinking of electing another dumb draft dodging rich kid?

Just plain crazy..but the limos are still showing up at Mitt’s castles.THERE’S BIG MONEY STILL AROUND HIM.

And now “Rubio the Curio” and his gang of losers is threatening another government shutdown over OBAMACARE. Is this death wish? is it stupidity?

Does RUBIO know something we don’t about the mood of the people?…If a poll was taken today on whether the AMERICAN PEOPLE want another government shut down only idiots would say yes.. Mitt idiots perhaps….do you want that?

Mitt’s next prototype budget would be be bloody… it’ll kill millions more that Ebola because they’d be thinking they were the “cure of the disease” infecting America rather than the disease itself.

So let’s elect Bernie …Some of the good things he’ll do?.. he’ll have Daryl Issa boiled in Virgin Olive Oil, he’ll have a right wing radio talk show studios burning… and he’ll make sure that America deports Rupert Murdoch and turns the Fox News Network into a Fly Fishing channel.

Mark these serious thoughts however 

Thoughts shared by the great activist Harry Belafonte years ago which made a lasting impression on this blogger.The paragraph below is paraphrased.

“The probable outcome of the growing racial and ideological divides being forced on the American people by the corporate media in its mad indifferent frenzy for daily ratings will result in the rise of an American Fascist regime. A cruel unthinking government, not for the people, but for the few who want to rule the people.  Then and only then will the general public rise up in bloody revolution…when enough of them realize the duplicity…this uprising  will come …not in most of our lifetimes …but it will come if this trend continues.” 


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