Two minutes tops is all one can take when trying to be fair and watch Fox News. The propaganda is thicker than a Chris Christie waistline.

As the Obama insults get bigger the skirts of the Fox blondes get smaller. Their greased legs are being crossed more than the intersection at Hollywood and Vine.

The only tim anyone at a Fox News desk doesn’t make sh*t up was when they order lunch.

Watching Sean Hannity interview Karl Rove is like watching a snake eat a pig. 

Millions upon millions of stupid dumb people watch this crap in slack-jawed awe.. and are fast becoming according to many surveys less informed about what’s happening than people who don’t watch television at all!

Even the peeps on Pitcairn Island know more about what’s really happening than they do!

There is no way to stop this ignorant ranting rot other than to somehow or other infiltrate the Fox’s News building’s water supply and whack it full of truth drug.

Perhaps then we might hear Bill or Sean saying stuff like:” Honestly folks if I hear Sarah Palin still whining her ass off about why she hates Katie Couric so much I’d like to throw a bucket of Moose crap on her loser head!”  

Aint gonna happen …but the nobody and nothing is perfect!! 


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