This is the badge of my Australian Army unit The Royal Australian Engineers.

 I show this every year to remind myself I spent two years serving the British Commonwealth …luckily while there were no wars going on. I had already been through one World War as a child in England from 1939 to 1945 without a uniform and that was enough.  

Since those days I have lived loved and employed many in my adopted country of the United States and I have paid enough taxes to pay for a squadron of F 1-11’s. 

I would gladly don a uniform again here if I thought we were being attacked from without…. 

We are however being attacked from within by the current extremist version of the GOP. 

Our uniforms this time consist in our ability to signal to the indolent and complacent populace just how very close the country has become to an out-and-out dictatorship from The Right.

This is no joke as voting rights are being suppressed across the country and mega millions of unaccounted for dollars are being spent to prop up dangerously one-dimensional GOP crooked Governor puppets of big business in Florida , in Wisconsion ,Michigan and Ohio…

All this and the thought of this country being placed in the hands of a strange religious zealot who believes that a woman cannot get to heaven unless her husband asks her while worshipping a 6 ft 7 human being type God who lives on the Planet Kolob.

So while remembering the ultimate sacrifices made by our militaries we must also think about how to stop further needless wars and military posturing that in the past 30 years has brought us nothing but buying products from Vietnam and 8 years of billions of dollars spend propping up Middle Eastern regimes that take our money and run! 

Check out our website…..www.chrisbearde.com

And then ask yourselves has this wonderful country that’s been so good to us all  gone slowly and completely mad?


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