Just a thought folks.

If Mitt Romney refuses to separate himself from the ravings of the public ego rantings of a publicity seeking media whore who has about as much credibility as a Syrian diplomat… then how will Mormon Mitt separate his Mormon Church from State?

The moral standards that Romney has set himself in this campaign …with a myriad of lies that confound even the normal Fox News principles of making sh^t up …and his refusal to dismiss the “Hair Apparent” … are lower than the height of the dwarf prince in “Game of Thrones!”

Is this the leader this country needs…a wishy washy rich kid  who kisses the ass of cynical 3rd grade “entertainers” like Trump , Limbaugh and Hannity?” 

Obviously many millions are willing to over look this glaring fact are vote for “THE ABOVE” 

Anything to get back to the good old days of the Bush way of destroying the economy and starting a few more regional wars.

The Trump fiasco vividly explains the problem this country has right now….

If we combine the use of the  GOP use filibuster, the Supreme Court majority, GOP voter suppression, Fox News, right wing radio,  corporate money and now in the open racism as the enemies of Democracy a Democratic victory in November might seem a remote possibility.

The RIGHTIST lunatic fringe as personified by the usurpers of  common sense and decency led by the ravings of such fools as Trump ,Limbaugh , Palin  and the “Ailes-mobile” over at Fox News…. makes this person feel like this country is on the brink of a tyranny that might lead us down a dark path into a Fascist state the likes of which we might never recover from.  

The first signs of this catastrophe will be if Wisconsin keeps the white-collar criminal Scott Walker in power in two weeks from now’s recall election  by the sheer force of outside of state corporate funding. 

But on the bright side of a Fascist  State we can look forward to stuff like the 24/7 Kim Kardashian cable network where we can watch rich Beverly Hills woman keeping the non unionised plastic surgery industry in business.

God love Bruce Jenner who just sold his old cheeks to a retired dentist in Minneapolis . 


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