Is this heading too much for you?..

Sometimes the truth is hard to take.


The Koch Brothers and their monied hordes of Visigoths have poured so much cash into the Wisconsin recall election of this fraudulent sock puppet of a union busting whore that he’s likely to stay in office. 

This fact… even with the obvious discontent that led to a recall where hundreds of thousands of ordinary people took to the streets.

The Right will trumpet this as a win against “union domination” and the public’s belief in the truth   will be buried in the fact that money bought the recall election for Walker a low life dishonest dirty little loser.

This loser will become the darling of the Right and this despicable weasel of a man, a midget in the clothing of a Koch Brother’s stooge will strut around like a mini-Mussolini.

A horrible reality that’s just beginning to dawn on many of us..

It is the fault of the DEMOCRATIC party that they were so indolent that they couldn’t go all out to stop this rotten apple from being propped up and kept in office by the power of the almighty dollar and not the power of the people.

Will we never learn how to fight the creeping Fascism that’s overtaking this country before we actually have to spill our blood to turn it around.?

My God I hope I’m wrong by writing this diatribe…and if there is a God and God reads this… have a heart God and make me look like a panicking fool..I’d really enjoy feeling like that over a glass of Port and some Stilton.



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