Today you can watch the news reports of Romney’s crowd touting him to run again?

Romney still looks for all the world like a lackey to the whims of big business and Wall Street..He’s as out of touch with reality as a Dennis Miller Comedy Festival.
His wife Ann has been known to chew the heads off maids and laugh in the face of minimum age people who have been tasked with cleaning the mud off her riding boots

Romney is still for all intents and purposes a cowardly lion…if he cannot rid himself of the stigma of living in France to escape serving his country during the Vietnam War and non of his grown sons ever serving in any military ever …how can anyone think he can rid the country of its social and armed conflict problems? 

So this is a little extreme it won’t be a contest with whom so ever the DEMS run ..every day Romney would still show how weak and in the hands of the extremist party of a main stream he’s supposed to be leading…

He will still seem scared to offend anyone while smirking and lying. So Mitt’s still the best you’ve got GOP?….Looking over the field ..let’s see..

Rand Paul X
Ted Cruz X
Jeb Bush X
Rick Perry X
Paul Ryan X
Phi Robinson X

Point being that anyone of the names above plus Chris Christie and the indicted guy from Wisconsin would give late night hosts four years of material that might come close to the gags inflicted on the previous GOP clown Supreme Court appointed King of Comedy George of the Jungle.

Hillary might get the nomination but it would not be as much fun for us comedy writers as Joe Biden would. Biden vs Bush …now that’s a laugh riot.

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