At the White House today Obama held his nose and shook hands with the destroyer of the American economy and war criminal GEORGE W. BUSH as his portrait was unveiled to gasps from massive amount of people in suits of the same color.

The gasps were accredited to the fact that the actual painting turned into the “Portrait of Dorian Grey.” before everyone’s eyes…the one after it had turned terminally diseased  with maggots growing out of a George W’s  dead eyes!

After the momentary gasp was over the audience stood as one ..DEMOCRATS and GOP and gave the portrait a standing ovation…as they realized that there was a God after all.

George W. was ushered from the building mumbling something about not getting his invitation to the GOP convention yet…

Barbara Bush sought out the artist and punched his lights out while GEORGE H. BUSH asked if somebody could get him a date with Kim Cantrell..

Trump had crashed the ceremony earlier waving a forged Kenyan birth certificate in Swahili .  


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