A series of questions for all Americans:

“Which political party involved in the up coming elections does the following?”

#1 Attempts to suppress the poor and minorities from their right to vote?

#2 Attempts to suggest that their opponent is not really an American.

#3.Deliberately and without proof lies about current government statistics.

#4 Is funded by a massive amount of secret money from crazy extremist right wing corporate billionaires .

#5 Wants to cut basic funding to all government health, welfare clean air and education systems and hand them over to private enterprise. 

#6 Will increase military spending with higher taxing on the middle class and less taxing on the 1%.

#7 Will take down regulations to a minimum and allow big business to kill all collective union bargaining.

#8 Will blow up MSNBC  and intern Rachel Maddow , Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and have Bill Maher castrated.

#9 Will make Rupert Murdoch a Saint and Roger Ailes into a deity. 

#10 Will probably allow assault weapons  in Kindergartens.    

If you answered ” DEMOCRATIC PARTY” you’d have been living under a rock or believe in every word Donald Trump says.

If this is  the kind of country almost half of the electorate seem to want according to the polls then the intelligence level amongst voters has reached the point of no return and we are doomed to be ruled by the very people who wish all of the above on us.

Do we care this little about the future of our democracy as to see this happen?.

It obviously  doesn’t seem to matter to the folks who are thinking of voting for a Bush kinda place again…but this time with another guy who, just like Bush, has never had to actually work a day in his life at doing anything but pleasing dear old daddy and mommy.

We must be wacko!   


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