An Editorial!!

Have you taken a good long look at Grover Norquist?  His supply side “rich dude anus kissing” aside… the man is a sweaty palmed little sissy boy.

How an entire party can be slaves to this Svengali from the 1% is beyond my Ken …and also my Barbie.

Just shaking hands with this wimpy little asexual  bully would send me to the showers …Grover is a horrible little cruel RONNIE clone.

I can just see him as a kid picking the wings of defenceless moths and telling on the gay kids in his kindergarten class…. 

Between Grover and Paul Ryan and the rest of the “lets close down government and give it to big business! ” crowd there isn’t even a minimum of heart or a smidgen or a fraction of a soul. They resemble the ZOMBIE ARMY just revealed in “Game of Thrones!”

These people are as cold and lifeless as a Dennis Miller quip or the thought of a date with Michelle Malkin!

If this is the vision of an America in our future…with the addition of a Mormon cult President… then we need 3D glasses to clear up this picture…or we’re in for it for a long long treacherous time! 

It may be that the two coasts where the sensible people live will be bookends to a disaster even worse than the predictions of America’ premiere economist Paul Kruman.

Sh* it happens …





                            “No way will I suck on this Ed Schultz!!!


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