Scott Weasel Walker’s win LAST NIGHT assures  that the richly rich will let off a set of fireworks as they will feel its the death knell for unions power in this country…

However we feel it’s just that the battle lines for the next civil war will be drawn!

This Wisconsin win will show us whether we’re to be a country of slave labor again as in the South or if we have a chance in the next 100 years to not become a Chinese colony.

China today is what America would’ve been if the Union had not prevailed. A country who turned its back on freedom and went for the really cheap labor.


A Walker win means a hatred of lunch breaks wins…a hatred of health benefits wins…hatreds of maternity leave, paid vacations, workers comp is on its way!!

This is what the idiots votes for with weasel Walker they don’t seem to get  it…who are these dupes are they all Miss SOUTH CAROLINA’S .. do they just hate progressive ideologies so much that an awful regressive path to their own destruction is better than a brighter tomorrow? 

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