Judging from the CITIZEN’S UNITED decision by the Un-SUPREME-COURT the only citizens that will wind up owning these United States will be billionaires who are at this very moment buying it back for Karl Rove and economic Bush style rape.

If they successfully bribe the unthinking old white public and enough other angry self-destructive  Christian families into putting another puerile puppet in the WHITE place of power…then the 1% have successfully “pulled a Bernie Madoff” on the Democracy they so hate.

Can’t you just see the whole country becoming Argentina in the 5o’s..

“Let them eat cake”…but cake made with Chinese imported sugar and flour and from WAL-MART.

Perhaps this is all about being jealous of Britain..after all they are still technically a monarchy!

We must need a King and Queen and like England!!!

Who better than a useless millionaire and his wife with her nose stuck up sop far you can see her tonsils!

Royalty is so out of date …but reading the book of Mormon and then equating that with the future of this country is like equating Donald Trump with humility.

Mitt will give the country to the Koch Brothers and the rest of the half of the 1% to make it into one great big private golf club with hazards like CALIFORNIA and New York…



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