TO CUT A LONG WEBSITE STORY SHORT…Ms.Huffington  has done a 360 again and seems now to be in the greenbacks hands of her new co-owners and BIG BUSINESS friends..as the sharp turn right becomes more apparent we are beginning to see what side of the bagel Arianna’s cream cheese is on.  

A quick glance at her headlines gives her away. “Obama loses support of key DEMS”…”Obama makes mistake”, “Obama promises what he can’t deliver” etc ect…meanwhile “Kuching Kuching!!! ” from her partners.

Makes you really appreciate the old adage “Beware of Liberal Greeks bearing gifts…”

The way to look  at this we suppose is to compare it to CNN who decided to embrace the teachings  of Goebbels and the other Goebbels Roger Ailes… CNN suck so bad the WEATHER CHANNEL beats ’em bad even when they’re reporting on the weather in CALIFORNIA which never changes.

The NAZI’s said “if you tell them sh*t long enough and hard enough they’re gonna believe it”…

Obviously somebody got in Huffington’s ear and tacked her into the perfect right wing storm.

Matt Drudge had better watch out ..the bias is becoming more unbalanced right in his sleazy back yard…Must be something in the air and it smells like BIG CORRUPT BUCKS…so what’s new…as we sink into the morass of a Koch Brothers/Karl Rove/Paul Ryan future we can hear the sound of jack boots marching to a different drummer with the same intentions of FASCISM…

Its here and perhaps Ms Huffington has seen the graffiti on the wall and is hedging her bets…



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