Please Bill check your is not The White House anymore.

I for one find you to be a man who started out in the right way as President of all the peeps…but wound up not taking the highest office in the land seriously enough to avoid using a room in the place occupied by some of the most brilliant men of any time as a place to get your willy washed!

Some of the other Presidents might have had some kind of illicit sex there…but you were caught…and you looked to some of us like a small time shit kicker from then on.

You’ve gone on to become a very rich man and to hob nob with other really rich men and women and who knows what you still do behind closed gold etched doors.

You were compromised back then with your pants down and you’re still compromised now by your financial greed and your wifes ambition.. The only reason you guys are still together is because of the power you can wield as a team.!

Help this young intelligent and squeaky clean president by making  speeches praising him…but don’t go off shoring up your own position with the financial community just in case he doesn’t make it.

Some of us think you cost Al Gore the Presidency for the maybe 3% moralist Christians who were aghast at what you did.

To some of us  you’ll always be a sordid kinda guy who… in the end… didn’t really get the privilege accorded you by the American people.

There have been many Presidents who didn’t deserve the office but that was then and this is now.

So Bill STFU and just get off your own personal bland wagon and help keep the rich guys like you from really taking this country down.


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