There’s no other way to put it…The Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the “CITIZEN’S UNITED” ruling are creating the night of the living dead ZOMBIE voter!

Millions of brain-dead  zombies totally under control of the 1% will shuffle on down to the polls and vote for who they’re told to by their zombie masters!

They will vote against their own self interests…they will vote for less health care, dirtier air…no public schools, social security nets, unhealthy food , the death of Sesame Street, no freedom of the press, more taxes for them , less for their masters, no union wages bargaining, and more defense spending…

They are relentless in their desire to become walking talking dead people ..bloodless drones ..doing the bidding of their corporate bosses…exploited and then when used up thrown on the zombie junk pile to rot.

You can’t kill them…they’ve taken the FOX NEWS serum…they have no brains…just enough blood to get to the polling places and cast their vote for a weak little rich boy without a clue how to run a laundromat let alone a country,

There is hope however …its a virus that might work if it can be gathered and bottled and then dropped on the unsuspecting zombie Red States…its called Intelligence…unfortunately its in short supply right now. 

www.chrisbearde.com  The website.



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