“Meet the Press” takes a huge network rating news dive!!..

David Gregory may have danced his last dance with Karl Rove and taken his last free trip to Monte Carlo on the Koch Brothers private jet…and we could be lying through our teeth for effect!

But…putting that aside with “a gloat of newsmen’s past”, f ace it current news people…. pundits are bemoaning the sudden drop in all news ratings and especially cable news ratings.

Simply put people are sick and tired of over the top crazy bullshit from both sides.

If you take Sean Hannity and Ed Schultz and put them in a mixed martial arts fight it would be a lot more fun to see these than two blowhards pontificating the right and left points of view ad infinitum.

Of course Ed makes a great deal more sense than the totally lying bat shit emanating out of the prehensile mouth of  one the most repulsive human beings with a show since Jerry Springer’s “nuns versus midget’s” episode.

Even fanatic KKK bigots and Muslim loving Union baby killers have had enough..


…but Cronkite is dead and Dan Rather has been deported to the D list interview list on C-Span.

Perhaps in the depths of the depraved rating infected news executives brains this may eventually sink in…

“Americans may be stupid…but perhaps a trickle of  intelligence is making a miniscule come back!!

 News Blues at eleven!!

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