If ever there was an embodiment of evil descending on the United States it is the hideous spectre of the two Koch Brothers , their FASCIST money, and their hordes of sycophants who live to be hired to take down our democracy. 

A perfect storm of corporate dollars is gathering around the once great country with the intent of finally subjugating our personal freedoms in the name of monetary greed and ever lasting power over society.

If this sounds alarmist and grim..well stiff sh*t because that’s actually what’s happening.!!

Blow me if it isn’t!!

This is beyond politics …this is beyond personal choices..this is a” juggernaut of  awful intentions”…a bliztkrieg of  “putrid poisonous purposeful planning.!

This is FASCISM..and we are closer than any of us think of being overwhelmed by its insidious and cruel methods.

It may be too late to stop it .This is dark money..this is real evil…this is a deep-rooted disregard for the dignity of the average human spirit …this is the end of society as we’ve known it ..if these despicable  dictators can pull off this attack on our country we are done for.

….And if this was a just a movie… “The Avengers” would come together again and wipe out this scourge …but it isn’t a movie …and unless we all put on those 3D glasses right now and see what’s really coming down…we will be subjected to something bad beyond our wildest imaginations!!

We are taken over by a World Wide cartel of brutish heartless corporations who have as much regarding for the common man as Dennis Miller’s agent has for audiences who like comedy..

As much regard for the common man or woman as Lindsay Lohan has for laws.

As much regard for the common man and woman as Sarah Palin has for newspapers and Moose.

As much regard for the common man and woman as McDonald’s has for Veggie burgers.

As much regard for the common man and woman as Wal-Mart has for lunch breaks.

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