Le Bron wins first national title !!!!


AS LONG AS THEY’RE PLAYIN’ BALL AND NOT TRYIN’ TO RUN THE COUNTRY AND TELLIN’ US WHITE PEOPLE WHAT TO DO…TELL ‘EM TO STICK TO SPORTS AND DOORMAN STUFF!!***The irony of the Oklahoma Thunder being in the basketball final is not lost on this blogger!

These 7 ft black guys must be the only black people in the state to be making over $25,000 a year.

How would you like to be black and  7 ft. tall in downtown Tulsa?…You’d be sticking out like Donald Trump’s hair at a bald man’s convention.

If you panned the camera over the crowd at the home game last night and you could find Waldo..he still would’ve been white!!

And if you were to ask somebody to name a white basketball player most of  5  playing in the entire league would be from Spain or Lithuania..

Hairdressing and flower arranging to some gays is like basketball is to most African-Americans. Of course there are some highly talented gay black hairdressers and flower arrangers and who knows how many gay black basketball players there are?

***This is a stereo type type comment because some of the biggest and most successful people in the World of business  and entertainment  are gay and who is that guy in the White House??  

The  satirical point is how about the inequality of sport where, because of a physical ability way beyond the normal capabilities of most of us, a race of people who are great athletes can become enormous heroes to their white fans while when leaving the arena or the sports bar thosae fans are still a bunch of asshole racists!!!!

It’s right in front of our faces and yet we choose to ignore it…like we’re choosing to ignore the fact that those very racists are trying to take down DEMOCRACY with dark money…just as hard as those same racists owners pay their African-American gladiators to perform for their white audiences across the country.

We are a bunch of sick mother @#@#$^&*!!   

This is our web site                 www.chrisbearde.com



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