“The Mother of a Father’s Day”

I dislike Father’s Day.

It is a most hypocritical day. ..at least for me.

I happen to know very well what low esteem my grown children hold me in.

When you have as many kids as I’ve had word leaks out…One will tell another…the one’s that aren’t speaking to you and want to hurt you tell you confidential “stuff” that others have said about you..”What they really think about you”..Not the crap they say on “FATHER’S DAY!”

So for most of your imperfect life…where you know your mistakes..your foibles, your aberrations, and can live with them as you grow out of self-love and into self understanding …you live with this mother of a day of insincerity. You talk to your kids…your avoid the obvious disdain and deep hurt on both sides.

Oh your kids love you for sure…but on their terms and not without so many conditions that the list goes around the block.

My love was a little deeper..like without conditions.

But recently I made a condition…

  Our website.  www.chrisbearde.com





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