Upon release of the NSA documents recently we can now say officially that GEORGE  W.BUSH is a war criminal who with his gang of other war criminals… took American into a WAR THAT NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN FOUGHT.

The Bush gang had at least seven warnings about Bin LADEN and they were ignored..Did these plotters of a false war do this out of incompetence or a need to take over Iraq’s oil fields.? 

Where are the questions being asked in the American main stream media about this total betrayal of the country?

It’s being ignored by Fox, CNN and even MSNBC as far we can see so far.

The country is in denial of its huge and ghastly mistake when it lauded the Bush attacks and put bumper stickers on its cars …”support our troops”..

Bush and his WAR CRAZED gang should be hauled off to Gitmo and then tried by a jury of real Americans!! 

If they’re proven guilty..which these NSA papers most definitely reveal… then Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the gang should be put in front of American  troop firing squads and executed for war crimes against their own people and foreign nations. The very troops they betrayed. It should be televised for the World to see what this DEMOCRACY does to those that betray its trust in the law of the land.


Then slap them on the wrists and tell them not to do it again and vote for Ted Cruz in the hands of the corporate military industrial complex…he’s ready to serve the Fascists…he’s got the lack of ethics , he’s got the spine of Gumby.

And if the Black Ops on the way to my cottage tell my family I’ll be at the ass end of Cuba with a bunch of guys with no necks and really bad ‘tudes!!




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