The paradox of America buying most of its current manufactured goods from COMMUNIST CHINA is never lost on this blogger.

We’ve written about it countless times..and it seems to us to be the perfect example of sheep being led to the slaughter without a Bo-Peep!

As the oblivious and dumbed down populace troop into most of the major department stores in this country and spend their hard-earned and diminishing consumer dollars on most “stuff” …they have… as a nation…stopped looking at the labels and only look at the low price tags  


And there’s nothing much we can do about it as the monopoly has set in and it has been long ago as the Clinton’s and Bush’s betrayed the American worker.

As the GOP condemns socialism at home and make it sound like an “evil to be destroyed” those very same REPUBLICANS… if gaining control again …will take even more American jobs away and literally give them to a Socialist regime!! Paradox!

Work this one out in your head before saying we’re full of sh*t. China is no more Communist than CHUCK NORRIS.

China is a Mafia run society.

It is like the old South has risen again in the East..It thrives on almost slave labor..it has no heart, no soul and no scruples.. You f*ck up in China and they shoot you in the head.

The leaders of China are a bunch of “wise guys” pretending to be Communists when they are really Fascist gangsters running an airtight society of super drones…They have a growing middle class that’s subservient to them because 20 years ago these folks were riding bicycles and wearing MAO jackets and waving little red books at foreigners!  Now they’re exploiting the peasants that made COMMUNISM work World wide in the first place..

China now has a ruling class and middle class and a peasant class… and if you didn’t get that.. the success of China is its new middle and upper middle class…THEY NURTURE THAT!

Meanwhile back in the American idiot-hinterland of corporate take overs we’re busy destroying our middle class while the Chinese are building theirs.

You see the problem with the Republicans is a strong middle class of Americans will never be subservient like the Chinese. They will fight for their rights through their unions and their strength in numbers. They will never accept the CHINESE WORKING CONDITIONS.  

So the bottom line is COMMUNISM has become “gangsterism” and the present GOP  is cut from the same cloth…a red flag!!

And everyone should beware of what a red flag waving stands for3443500738_a9b0bf478e









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  1. I agree completely. Great post.

    • thanks

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