” EVIL!”………………..

There’s a sinking feeling amongst many of us that pure evil has over taken the political system..indeed the whole of society..from the CATHOLIC CHURCH to our universities…need we explain this more.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are like molesters of the DEMOCRATIC system…and yesterday it was announced that the Pope has hired a Fox News person to run the Vatican’s image making.

Oh No!…the DEMONS are amongst us… 

Every where we look the CURRENT MAD DOG REPUBLICAN credo of the 21st Century manifests itself in the reality of the total lack for any form of heartfelt moral behaviour.

Rampant disrespect for the office of the PRESIDENT…racial slurs, woman hating, vigilante killings condoned by millions, lying the country into wars, massive corporate fraud, innocents being executed…Dennis Miller allowed to be seen in front of people.   

Soon giant cracks will appear in the earth surface and little red guys with large pitch forks will be flying out to stick sharp objects up our asses..

The Koch Brothers and Karl Rove will grow horns and tails and start assigning Liberals and gays to Hell..or worse to Newark.

As Paul Krugman says (putting it more gently)..”if Romney gets in it’ll be a disaster of a disaster for all of us…”

As we’re told by by Franklin Graham and his almost dead dad ..Muslims suck blood and bomb small innocent farm animals…and the DEVIL IS COMING….

According to the Fundamentalists “Eternal damnation is just around the corner”…

What they don’t tell us is they will be the cause it.




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