NewtPelosiSofaEngineering                      A new CNN COMMENTATOR..A MAJOR YUK!

Reading the headlines makes your head explode..While doing this today I was reminded of the label on the black PJs’ I just bought …when I looked at the label..I thought of the movie “Good Morning Vietnam!” 

 Black pajamas made by people’s kids who used to be in the Viet Cong that might have killed my uncle in a useless war…Lunacy?..PROGRESS….?? YUK…

Then as I read on I saw that the Supreme Court had told Montana …the last bastion against the Citizen’s United decision to go fuck itself  and get in line with the rest of the country in allowing unbridled corporate monies to destroy the democracy once in place here…and reading on that Arizona can now officially arrest anybody for looking “vaguely swarthy”…

I thought of Penn State’s “old boys club” pretending that “young boys” didn’t matter as much as freaking football.

Sandusky is a sicko and has always been a sicko …and everyone who knew it and allowed it to continue for years!!!

..Can this be compared to  the majority of populations… like in Europe during World War 2 ..who knew what was happening to their Jews and their Gays but chose to have lunch and go to the movies  in case they would get into trouble by rocking the boat? Could average GERMANS not know when millions of people were being ripped from their homes?

“Heads in the sand” have brought America to a very ugly place right now..

That millions of REPUBLICANS IN A RECENT POLL like the idea of cutting off access to food stamps for the poor. Yuk!

 Major yuks will go on with the nastiness of more SUPREME COURT CRAP…and the Fascist Congress voting to impeach or censure the Attorney General for some obscure witch hunt..which is their excuse for reminded the bigots across the country that he’s an uppity  black man trying to tell us white guys what the law of the land is…”WE’LL SHOW THOSE BLACK  BASTARDS!” 

fox-20100223-chyronpresiddent_dd943                    Simply put another major yuk!



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