Who gives a flying f*ck what Scalia rants on about”.

He’s nothing but a poor man’s blow hard arrogant Mussolini impressionist!

Taking personal critical shots at the President of the United States is not only disrespectful of the office but racist.

Scalia should STFU and be confined to a deep dark room with loud Ted Nugent music played backwards so he can hear the DEVIL’S MESSAGE.

How dare this pumped up little mafioso type corporate lackey make the statements he made  regarding Obama’s immigration coup of last week.

He’s supposed to be unbiased, above politics not crawling around in the vomit he’s already caused uttering  a bunch of insulting horse shit that nobody at all anywhere gives a flying fuck about.

SCALIA  is what you might call insignificant without knowing it

Obama is hurting these Republicans where they hurt most in their most racist breads basket.

Romney didn’t have much wind in his sales pitch before ..Obama just becalmed the whimpering little cowardly cult guy!

These sore losers only get this sore when they see the graffiti on the wall telling them that all the money in the world ain’t a gonna get you the millions of Latino votes and the women’s votes and union votes and student votes and independent votes you need to prop up your silly little rich boy with the head of stone … the dignity of a peanut…the soul of a farm bred mutant salmon and a wife that likes to watch Palomino’s f*cking while pretending to be ‘in touch’ with the real America where the poor and the workers are being screwed by her husband’s friends.


Scalia …Alito and Thomas need to be arrested for Citizen’s United condoning…





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