Some of the more ardent  followers of this blog..all six of you…have been enquiring why the blog was missing for a couple of days and then became greatly reduced in comment, size and anger.

The reason for this happening is a simple one and, once explained, will forever find a passage into your forgiveness realm.

Your editor and confident had a kidney stone attack and was in hospital for a couple missing blog days!!

This is something you only wish on SEAN hANNITY…but hardly anybody else if you have one ounce of compassion for the rest of the human beings on the planet.

This does not include MITCH McCoNNELL who ,as we all know, has been dead for several years and is only living on the life support system of total 20th Century dead issue irrationality.

When you have a tube inserted into the end of your penis Mitt Romney’s bullshit, Rupert Murdoch’s mega meglomania and Justice Scalia’s treachery and treason fades into a cup of warm milk on a gentle summer’s evening in a coastal village in Maine.

Politics and the stupidity of “fake Christians” pretending that universal health care for all is the work of the socialist devil rather the teachings of their hero and mentor JESUS ..disappears into deep space and is replaced by: “HOW  DID A NICE GUY LIKE ME DESERVE THIS?”

Nothing becomes more important than “when can you get this friggin’ thing out of the end  my dick!!!

I don’t ask for sympathy here just to give my fellow mankind-niks a word of advise.

If you don’t want to have a nurse shoving something rubbery with a littler balloon on the end of it at 4 O’Clock in the morning up the end of your “old boy”…. then drink plenty of water … eat less red meat and start finding out that beyond the particle  they just found there might be a real God out there to to pray to!






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  1. I wish you a speedy recovery Chris.

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