A Russian person now living in these United States and lecturing his brains off argues that we are crusin’ for a Soviet style political and economical collapse similar to  the one that took down the USSR.

Dimitry Orlov is a highly intelligent Russian dude and his lectures make a great deal of sense to anyone who is not a stupid dumb assed …”voting against their better interests”… GOP insane Tea Party…”head in the sands of their own destruction” American.

Dimitry… the name used as the Soviet Ambassador in “Doctor Strangelove! ” lists a few things we should be aware of as our impending doom as a World power approaches.

What made the Soviet Union go from a supposed super power to a sock full of wet spaghetti?

Here’s a partial list for the part of your head still able to comprehend how f*cked up we are!!!

#1 Continued unabated unnecessary out of control military spending.

#2 A balky unresponsive completely out of date political system being used against progress.

#3 The almost total decline of the home growth manufacturing industries.

#4 Massive internal politburo corruption on behalf of the 1% ruling class on a scale never before imagined.

#5 Most large new public works beneficial to the general public ignored.  

#6 Ignoring of the country’s decaying infrastructure.

#7 Military blindly bogged down in a budget draining unwinnable war in Afghanistan,

#8 An obvious growing lack of a deep commitment to the health and wealthfare of the average their average citizen. 

#9 False visions of a grandeur long since destroyed by the stupidity of its dumb assed leadership still waving the flag of superiority long after the rest of the world sees through it!

Check  off what you see as a similarity to the Soviet collapse…  and please don’t tell me “if I don’t like it why do’t I get the hell out here.!…. 

I like it enough to stay here with the rest of the bright and wonderful American people left and my family and fight to get it back to where it was all those years ago before the unAmerican corporate dogs like Murdoch and the Koch Brothers decided to destroy it. 


Up the revolution..power to the people…



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