By now we must all know that Mitt Romney is NOT A REAL PERSON…He’s a made up man..half of which is pure plastic encasements. THE OTHER HALF IS “MONEY ROBOT.” You put the money in the encasements and what have you got?…AN INSANE  dollar grabbing game show…

Americans across the country seem to be willing to give this weirdo a shot…milllions of uniformed and strangely LEMMING LIKE people are making him a close rival to the President. WTF?? 

We here at BEV think that at least half the country has actually contracted mad cow disease….

This Mitt guys standing in the polls is incomprehensible to the un-lobotomised people. 

…. But that’s where it’s at right now. He of course doesn’t appear to be flustered when called

                                           The Koch Brothers wind up toy… 

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