The next election is now clearly about one thing. The rich and monied against the liberal intelligentsia , minorities , the working middle class and the poor.

No sh&t ..that’s it…

Seems simplistic…but when you get down to it..the monied are spending so much to get back to ruling the country and making it into their own private country club  it’s as plainly  obscene as Fox News giving air time to Alan West the white man’s black man!

And speaking of obscene …looking at nasty graphic images of  The Koch Brothers and Karl Rove and visual graphics of  McCONNELL and  BOEHNER…and up close photos of Scalia and Alito and Trump and Murdoch and you begin  to see a visible ugliness..a visual rogues gallery of ugliness portraying the arrogant state of mind of these really awful single-minded Fascist elitists.

Is this country really going to allow these greedy pigs to take over their lives and treat them like the 2nd class citizens they think they are.?

Will we toss out a tough compassionate American president fighting for the human dignity of his people as best he can under impossible circumstances… or will the monied few regain control of this land of opportunity and once again set about destroying the American way of life to replace it with more Bush style devastation? .

Despairing the above ..and the fact that the voter registration restrictions may just do us in anyway..what are the chances of an Obama landslide again?

Well an astrologer was on some obscure CABLE CHANNEL  the other day and was asked about this next election…

It seems that there’s an aspect in Mars that will manifest itself in October this year and will …according to this very attractive woman …make ROMNEY lose face and look like a complete loser. 

Our question would be that’s  already happened so why do we have to wait until October.


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