Ronnie …the saint of the current REPUBLICAN PARTY is as big a paradox as Sarah Palin and intelligence…as big a paradox as Donald Trump and humility!

In today’s world RONNIE would be a lily livered liberal…Ronnie raised taxes ..he was not against  abortion…he wanted gun control….and that other wimp ass Nixon created the EPA…

Today’s redmeaters…unleashed by the hate of a black man as president ..caus’ that’s what this is all about folks….are so far to the right of right that Attila the Hun would be a pansy boy to them!

Just ask anyone of these unfettered crazies what they really want…deep down inside ..what they really want… seriously…no kidding…The Rick Perry Texas style  Fascists.. The Ted Nugent “shoot first ask questions later” crowd…

They want blood ..real blood.. they want a white American at all costs.

Ronnie ..before becoming Broccoli …was a kindly misguided ninny ..run by a bunch of supply siders whose only purpose was to destroy the union movement which they effectively  started to do.

Talk about your irony… Ronnie was the president of the Screen Actors Guild and was a union friendly liberal until somebody gave him a cowboy hat and a pair of boots and told him he needed to change parties …who knew?

But the Visigoths of today know that deep down in what was left of his brain Ronnie was a nice guy who cared about people’s rights ..and as we know now there is no place for this kind of thinking in the heartless mean assed insane world of the new America Fascist party.

They want minorities suppressed, gays interned , public schools burnt to the ground, Mosques dynamited,  Sesame Street cancelled , ballet and museums made into parking lots  and  abortions obliterated …and they want it in 3D 

The needs of this dangerous American sub culture should never get as close as they have to actually being in the mainstream…but there they are every day coming out of the dangerous subversives like SEAN HANNITY who’s hate spews out every night in a constant stream of bigoted puke!

Thank you..and may the bird of paradise fly up your nose and clear out your sinus problem! 



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