Day by day it’s becoming abundantly clear that Mitt Romney is lying through his expensive teeth. No doubt about it..

On a daily basic Mitt’s pants would catch on fire if this was  fairy tale and not a reality show. 

The Bain’s Capital exposures are proving him to also be a stupid liar who can’t even get the facts about his subterfuges right… Where ever the wind blows that where Mitt is..He’s like a sailing ship jibbing  to port and then to starboard but with no captain at the helm!

He’s a fair weather friend even to himself.

If things go like they seem to be going all Obama has to do is ask some leading questions at the debates and watch Mitt squirm around in a falsehoods whirlpool of his own making. 

Mitt has more positions than all the ho’s at the Chicken Ranch!

This is not presidential material we need a full disclosure dude like Obama  who shoots the enemy in the head and rescues car companies….We don’t need a silly excuse for a rich man’s son who hides his wealth and his true feelings behind his desire to please the most insane bunch human ratbags America has ever produced..the current crazy bat shit lunatic fringe right wing faking religious Fascistic Republican Party.

He is not worthy of running this great country ..The only thing he’ll do is run it into the ground! 


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