Right to the point early today.

Reaching into the annals of total mind-boggling insensitivity here comes the GOP’s presidential candidate again. A man who finds something every day to make you sure that we as a nation cannot possibly give this guy America’s pin number!


So what did they talk about?

“Bring back torture and the killing of thousands MORE civilians and the cream of our military?”

Did they talk about Halliburton making millions off the back of eight years of war?

Excuse me while I throw up…

The endless septic tank of ROMNEY’S campaign to “win back America” is beginning to smell like something being expelled from the depths of a Fascist hell fashioned by a 1% of the Devil’s disciples.

All this and the news that the USA’s Olympic Games uniforms are made in China…We are living in a world of corporate hurt and who the f*ck knows how to get out of it?

There’s always the Cheesecake Factory for a little relief through noshing down a 3,000 calorie 5,350 sodium loaded lunch.





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