Now that is plainly in sight and so blatantly obvious we can now see the GOP States Voter ID laws reveal the tracks of both racism and Communism perfectly. This is steeply unconstitutional and undemocratic. 

The ID laws have exclusion of  the poor and minorities in their sights with the ridiculous photo ID requirements…

Hey you people who bother to read BEV  don’t need to be reminded of this…but the insidiously creeping Fascism of the Red States is the example we can expect to cover the entire country if we allow these right wing nasties to take over.

Their narrow bigoted Fascist world is not a world most of us will want to live in.It will be a world of war and of government dominance in the worst way.

This way of life ,according to all the polls, is the last thing the country as a whole wants.

So the paradox will be that of  a GOP government running rampant over the constitution…

BIGGER GOP GOVERNMENT AGENCIES forcing women to have all kinds of invasive medical perversions done to them in the name of CHRISTIAN MORALS…

A bigger GOP government agency closing public education down …more administrative agencies policing the destruction of the health care system and sending our armed forces back into combat. Agencies being formed to begin to deport millions of illegals currently keeping the economies in many states live …we can go on with this possible horror story as the Romney/ Bush/Cheney / Rumsfeld juggernaut returns to really f*ck us up.

And this can take place even if we don’t want it to because these people are dead set on winning this thing at any cost and especially at the cost of the DEMOCRACY they so ardently say they adhere to.

They are not out the save the country for the people, they are out to save the country for themselves.  

Those that cannot see this have watched too much Snookie and probably think that when Tim Tibow looks up at the sky he can actually see a big white guy in flowing robes with a long beard waving back at him and saying…” Glad you’re with the Jets Timmy ..wait ’till game three I’ll break the Mexican’s leg ..then its you and me baby!”  


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