Soon the closet Nazi’s will be coming out into the open…this will happen as the panic sets in with the Romney campaign.

Romney is NOT a Nazi..he’s a Mormon which is still a delusional thing but has more to do with f*cking teenage brides than wanting to kill off an entire race of people although if it came to push and shove who knows about the more radical believers in the crazed teachings of Joseph Smith whom we know think black people were sent to us from the depths of the earth by somebody called “The Devil”.


The closet Nazi’s  are the Koch Brothers and the people they fund beyond Romney..like “I’ll wear the arm band ” Walker..and ” Show me the Constitution and I’ll show you the shredder” Scott from Florida!  The governors of Michigan and Ohio also who’ve tapped into their state’s inner Goebbels and  inner white supremacy mob rule types.

These people would gladly see Gays interned and all minorities enslaved to work …and be the playthings… of the Christian white snake kissing high sodium content eating superior race .

Go next door and ask you neighbour.”.Is Obama a Muslim terrorist who’s trying to make Sharia law the law of the land … ?”  If they say “yes” they’d probably vote for Adolph Hitler… if he were alive today …or came back as a Zombie..rather than Obama.

No kidding…ask Ted Nuget…or Chuck Norris…or Michelle Malkin or Marie Osmond…no don’t ask Marie …she’s just confused ‘caus the doctor told her she can’t have any more babies.

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