The way this next election is being described by people in the know is kinda scary and pretty much national socialism.

How did the NAZI PARTY take over GERMANY the 1930’s?  They only had 32% plus of the electorate..

By CHEATING at the polls…by dividing the  people , by using racism and fear of homosexuality. ..by suppressing the vote!!!!

By relying on the elitist giants of the military industrial corporate complex …sound familiar?

BEWARE…be very aware if ROMNEY begins growing a small mustache and starts strutting around in shiny black boots  with a fat guy and a creepy media freak who’s controlling an  entire propaganda network…Sound familiar ..do the names Christie and Murdoch ring your chimes?

But please remember we’re satirists here..and we make things up to get laughs…I’ve met MURDOCH and know peeps who’ve met Christie…and on the surface they come across as pleasant enough fellows with strong opinions …Rupert was very complimentary to me …and yet somehow I thought i saw a glint of internment in his steely eyes. 


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