The guns used in the Colorado Batman Movie Massacre were bought legally.

Yes we as a nation can just go out and buy a fully automatic assault rifle…if we can prove  what?

Perhaps prove  we’re not going to use a fully automatic assault rifle to kill anyone… we just want to look at it use it as a sex toy …or just make a planter out of it.? 

Freedom is one thing…but freedom to be a murdering son of a bitch and to take the lives of innocent fellow human beings…is another.

You may have guns …I may have guns..all God’s children may have guns…..but even if guns had been invented in JESUS’ time He would NOT have had a gun….Judas maybe but not Jesus!

So the people in the know ..know…this will go on and on and on…senselessly…The movie massacre will blow over until the next one..Does the next one have your number on it? 

The movie massacre will become  a political and religious tool…as Zimmerman is attempting to make his murder of an innocent young black person…  “God’s will” he told Hannity…and got away with it.

The NRA will get away with it.  ”




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