Comedy writers world wide acknowledge the fact that one of the most brilliant funny men in the World was TOMMY COOPER,

He was giant of a man over six feet tall and used really bad magic as the basis of his act. But the main reason for him standing on a stage was his machine gun style “take no prisoners” one line puns. He wore an Egyptian fez that made him look vaguely magician like.

TOMMY COOPER was the English answer to HennyYoungman.

Tommy actually died with his comedy boots on when he collapsed on stage during his act and passed away there and then of a heart attack. The audience thought it was part of his act…and it may well have been Tommy….he left the planet making ’em laugh with lines like this:

Slept like a log last night..woke up in a fire-place.

Went on a whisky diet and lost three days

 Went to the corner shop..bought three corners.

2 Blondes walk into a building you’d think one of them would’ve noticed it. 

 Went to the dentist he told me to say “Aaagh” I said “Why ?” he said  “My dog died!” 

Picked up my phone and said “Who’s there ?” the voice at the other end said “You are!”

Said to a friend ..My dog doesn’t eat meat ..friend says ” Why not?” I say “I don’t give him any!”

He subjected the English language to its worst beating before the unearthing of Sarah Palin.



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