So as the world of deficits turn we appear to be on the brink of a GOP attempt to close down our postal system and replace it with UPS and the likes.

BIG BROWN TRUCKS  VS BIG PURPLE TRUCKS….. and our little red white and blue Post Office truckettes to be the delivery system  from the past.

Evil guys in brown shorts with hairy legs driving fire-breathing diesel trucks killing off our national institution!

Sounds like a bad dream or a plot of Steve Carel movie where Steve rescues the little man from the devastation of  an American way of life!

But that’s what’s happening before our very eyes… and as usual it’s those “Americans” who say Obama isn’t one …who are  at the forefront of this anti traditional attack. 

Go figure…but that’s easy.. privatisation of everything is the goal of the corpocrats.

Mitt and the gang will outsource their mothers if they have to…. imagine having your mail rerouted thru the Philippines…. 


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