Will we become a GOP/Corporate country club plaything or will we suddenly gain a brain and  realize what a ROMNEY run presidency will be like?

Will we just bend over and take it up the “after shute”…or will we somehow drag our asses into the reality of the coming gangster Fascism that ‘s  so openly poised to take us down the path of personal freedom and never ever let them even close to hurting the fragile nature of this country’ s moral fibre.

If we let them back in this time …after the Bush lesson…then we are… as a nation… truly a bunch of crazy little rodents  who regularly commit suicide by throwing themselves heedlessly off a cliff? 

We write about this a great deal on this blog because when we here at BEV check the polls and the headlines we see there is a possibility due to the SUPREME COURT and their lock step 5 to 4 majority that the unthinkable will happen.


We are currently in the regime of Barack Obama , a moderate Democrat with a distinct… but sometimes too wordy plan… to bring this country back to a fair doctrine of a little something for everyone.

Arrayed against this basic proposition is the greatest bunch of white-collar criminals and crooked politicians and religious leaders ever assembled at least since the Borgias.

Yes this is simplifying it down to the nub….but sorry to say this is where we’re at.

Most of the GOP biggies are close to …or even fully into… taxation fraud, bribery, corrupting of government, collusion with our sworn enemies, open racism,   journalistic fabrications beyond the realms of common decency and incentive influence peddling of the most important court in the land.

Casino owners, oil and coal producers, arms dealers, banks, insurance companies, religious sects….all these GOP donors are awaiting the payback from the zillions of secret dollars they’ve poured on the crooked politicians heads.

Reelect Obama and the potential destroyers of this Democracy will be stopped …Sanity will return to the shores of  this damaged political and social system..the SUPREME COURT will stop being gay for the wrong side and Americans will  get an even break again.   

The government will prosecute the gangsters and stem the tide of middle class humiliation. 

“Everyone on the whole cell block will be dancin’ to the Jail House Rock ” Are you listening  Cheney.?..How about you Adelson?…and the rest of you wise guys?



2 Responses

  1. Do you really think the banksters are going to be prosecuted if Obama gets re-elected? What indication has Obama given that suggests that he will do such a thing?

    • All depends on how much of a landslide Obama gets….he’s layiong at the pass waiting..waiting…like he did with Osama!

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