How do the various police departments in our major cities think it’s now kosher to indiscriminately open fire with all kinds of weapons on unarmed men women and children whom they are sworn to protect.?

The latest incidents in New York and now in Orange County California are a cause for concern.

Rogue cops are one thing …but this appears to be a concerted effort by organised law enforcement to subjugate both political motivated  and racial motivated protests.

In New York the NYPD are arresting old ladies who are peacefully protesting while sitting and knitting …check that one out….while in Orange County a hotbed of Fox News watching…have gone further by ” doing a Zimmerman” and shooting unarmed civilians and then asking questions .

This can also be checked out on You Tube.

When you take a gander at the cops .they are mostly big white and Hispanic guys with shaved heads and the dreaded donut induced “belly over belts” look.

The video of the police dog attacked a woman and a baby does tend to endear the minority viewers to  a more of a revenge motive rather than one of…”Can we all get along!?”  The Situation in Anaheim CA will get a great deal nastier before it gets better unless somebody gets the message ..there are more of “the people” than there are of guys with assault weapons and pepper spray. 

When you start gunning down your own people…you eventually get Syria without as many goats. 



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