As time goes by we have to begin to realize what a ROMNEY presidency might look like.

The NBC Brian William’s interview recently showed us that when ROMNEY opens his mouth Salvador Dali comes out.

Mitt’s answers to pertinent and meaningful questions needed to be translated into human talk from Mormon alien language.

We might prepare ourselves for the following MITT-STAKES  if the SUPREME COURT/KOCH BROTHERS/ROVE/ FOX cartel prevails and they install this all time clown as sock puppet commander-in-chief.


“Did I just press the Nuclear button ?…no!! not me….that’s the kind of thing Obama would ‘ve done if he’d had a 2nd term..no that was the cleaning lady…Ann told me not to trust the help!”

“Calling Colin Powell an “uppity suspiciously liberal thinking  military wonk??”…that was not me…. that was  a guy I fired the last week for looking un-Anglo Saxon!”

By the time William’s interview was through it seemed like Sarah Palin all over again.

He sat there with this blank stare and made not one bit of sense with any of his  answers to really serious queries from Brian ..it was amazing… Mitt looked so confident in portraying himself as a complete and utter nonsensical robotic fool. That millions of people can’t see this is like asking the question..” How many people have prescriptions of medical marijuana?”

We expected Brian to wrap up the interview by saying: ”

“Thank you Governor for proving to me and the American people that they have the perfect visible choice  this year…The sitting American President Barack Obama or Dry Wall!”

Somebody should just take this whole interview and put subtitles on it…Make them Polish subtitles…at least that’ll be easier to translate into English.


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