Who ever is left thinking that Mitt Romney can run a country had better think twice.. this guy can’t even run his mouth!

The BRITISH PRESS not known for its subtleties in the first place have taken Mitt’s gaffes and created a whole new world of hurt for this arrogant mindless nincompoop. 

The current spin from Fox News is that nobody gives a sh*t what the British Press thinks and so Mitt will still be the new President come November.

Even reports of Ann taking “queen lessons” on the side doesn’t seem to faze the GOP so desperate for a defeat of the smart black guy.

The embarrassment of Mitt riches currently cutting a swathe of derisive laughter across sophisticated EUROPE at the clownish behaviour of this smooth looking moron will in the long run come back to haunt him. 

Goofball George W. was not apparently enough calling Austria “Australia”… giving the President of GERMANY a neck rub ..and trying to go out the wrong door in CHINA…oh…. and feeling up the ass of the American volley ball team…

The world is now ready for a man who looks great until one realises there’s nothing going on in his head but a whole mess of useless clichés and sound bites that are completely meaningless unless you’re a LATVIAN SHEEP HERDER.

If this is the kind of lying nonsensical “nose in the air dip” sh*t America decides to make the leader of the free world then at least we know the British Press would be saying when the whole world blows up…”We told you so!” 



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