IN A NOT SO SURPRISING MOVE..Mitt Romney told his Israeli confidants that when President he would condone the bombing of Iran for the sake of world peace…and also the carpet bombing of the British Press which he says would rid the world of a perversion of international news…and make Ann and himself personally happy to put that little unimportant island out of action.

He would of course be aware that he may be killing some Anglo Saxons…but that will be the price  which this action will have to live with.

“Mitt’s unfeeling, inhumane elitist right wing approach to world politics and government is just what is needed to counter the liberalism that is creeping into World opinion.”..this was said yesterday in an exclusive interview with President Assad of Syria who agreed with Mitt that the free elections in various Middle Eastern countries were spawning Muslim Brotherhood majorities…and that  the last thing the Arab masses need is freedom!  


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