“SCALIA NUTS?”………………………

Recently on several news shows Judge Scalia claimed that the 2nd amendment might include it being legal to own any weapon that could be hand-held.

This led to questions that posed the problem of the hand-held rocket launcher.

The judge appeared to be siding with the folks who would actually go out and buy one.

Scalia kinda shrugged this off as an unlikely scenario…NOT THE LAW ITSELF… But the notion  that not too many people would really want to rush out and buy something that could bring down a 747.   

We believe that Scalia has either smoked a tree or just wants to stir it up so much that he can write a book about it and visit the homes of Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent who in our opinion  would be first in line for the purchase of a hand-held rocket launche.

Hey Scalia what about some crazy assed kids who think it would be fun to be ISIS and pretend to be Muslims and try to bite the hand of the country they grew up in by using rocket launcher to blow up a McDonald’s? These internet indoctrinated kids are so twisted they want to somehow get over to the Middle East and participate in the rape and the murder of unarmed civilians. It might be just a big video game to them until they get blasted into nowhere by the very country they gave up on.

Meanwhile Ted and Phil Robinson and his family can massacre entire flocks of geese at the same time and destroy any of those pesky Government drones trying to find more about the private militia training grounds on their ranches.

We have reached a most violent time that’s being encouraged by the NRA with their current boasting about defeating the UN foreign arms rules and regulations which would’ve prevented the distribution of weapons to third world dictatorships.

The truth is guns do kill people…and rocket launchers  can kill buildings and planes with people in them.

That a Judge of the SUPREME court can be so flippant and at ease with something as fundamentally out of all normal human curbs and balances does not bode well for the future of this Democracy.

Judge Scalia’s version of the law of the land is a stark reminder of how close we’re becoming to losing all touch with the real world.

** Judge Scalia proudly uses the same black hair dye as CHUCK NORRIS which makes him look 10 years younger but still an egotistical Fascist.




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