Now it can be told! 

The fast food company Chick fil a is discriminating against LESBIAN and male homosexual chickens!

ANIMAL ACTIVISTS have secretly filmed Chick fil a workers feeding  GAY CHICKENS inferior corn meal filled with male and female hormones to try to “get the gay chicken out of them”

This revelation has ruffled a few feathers in the fast food community. 

McDonald’s has told reporters they do not discriminate against gay chickens and their nuggets include all forms of chicken’s sexual preferences…but they draw the line at chickens that send pictures of their favorite cocks on the internet.

Dan Cathy ..the president of Chick fil a is a gay basher…and has said that homosexuality is “against God’s will”….Some well know theologists have disputed this while adding that it may not be “The God’s” will but the will of some obscure “Southern States God” created by weird versions of “The God” who  kiss snakes and want to kill all black people and protect the babies of rape victims.

Some say this is known as “The Shit Kicker God!”   

 Since the Dan anti gay announcement and his doubling down “guilty as charged” remark consumer confidence in his product has taken a dive bigger than Dennis Miller’s career in comedy.

“Dan the Dip Shit” should’ve realized that being an asshole in business doesn’t usually translate into being a good political figure…

This we sincerely hope will be the fate of the other complete business executive dip shit currently on the side of the homophobes… Mitt Romney Europe’s new favorite “Chicken Little”..and may the sky fall on him and his elitist tone-deaf chicken shit.

I’m Chris Bearde and I approve of this message.




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