The Chick Fil A  president’s sojourn into the anti gay political and extremist right wing Christian religious protest world is having immediate effect on the American health care system!

Mike Huckabee , Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Warren and rest of the assortment of bigots homophobes and strident gay haters have raced over to their nearest fried chicken on a buttered bun franchises and have stuffed face with a high sodium mega caloric harmful to the digestive system Chick Fil A product.

Witnessing the massive crowds of grinning bigots celebrating their nasty narrow framed  version of God’s word by swallowing huge gobs of fried food was and is like a scene from a Frederico Fellini movie satirising the fall of civilized society.

Palin proudly boast of feeding her entire family at the fast food franchise and urges families to follow suit. 

Okay…let’s not go overboard here…we all crave fast food…it’s what they put in it that makes you crave …it tastes great and we indulge ..even us progressives and Muslim socialists… we’re human after all… 

The point being however that what is happening here is disgusting on many levels.

America looks like a complete paradox to the World.

We send our top athletes to compete in the Olympic Games  and we know we are sending  a complete contingent of the very best of our sports people. All colors , all religions , all sexual persuasions ..all  the very best of the best.  

At the same time we are confronted with internal religious bigotry with this fast foods protest and voter suppression of the minorities through white supremacists subverting of the constitution.

The question remains …what kind of America will we wind up with.. the Right wing Christian wing nut bigots and corporate dictatorship or the proud and multi cultured friendly America currently on display in London ?

The choice is ours and if the Southern Fried Christian high cholesterol version wins …they’d better have great health insurance for themselves  and their kids.     


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